27 September 2010

Crisp supply failure

Rather appropriately, having just named my blog, I have now discovered that my local purveyor of crispy wonderfulness has stopped stocking Burts bacon-flavoured crisps (IMHO, the best crisps in the world, and quite possibly in the universe). This follows my local Waitrose's decision to stop stocking them several years ago, following which I switched allegiances to a local farm shop for a couple of years until they had the temerity to stop trading in Burts items. I'd only just discovered that a different farm shop here sold them, but now they've stopped too. I guess I'll just have to buy direct, in bulk. Possibly by the fieldful.

New blog: naming ponderingness

This, pretty obviously, is my new blog. As with all creative endeavours, trivial or otherwise, one of the major challenges is in naming: choosing something distinctive is obviously important, especially when it comes to all things online (the name My Blog is unlikely to be easily uniquely found by googling). I briefly considered Diacritical Mass, Situation: Diacritical and other similar possibilities in the light of my predilection for foreign languages, diacritical marks and so on; however, it seems that others have had those ideas before me. Then, I pondered some old names that had been rattling around in the back of my head for a few years: Dr Strel’s Planet of Infinite Cake, www.strobeweasel.com, and even The Blithery Repository. There were others, even worse. A few days after deciding on Insert crisps to continue I have come to the conclusion that I really just ought to get on with it. So here we are. Or, more in my usual vein, You are here.