26 February 2011

So inappropriate

Exceedingly inappropriate use of Comic Sans. (As opposed to most other uses of it, which are merely inappropriate.)

23 February 2011

None of yer soft southern crisps here, lad

Are these the most expensive crisps currently sold in Britain? A remarkable four quid for 100 g. (With thanks to pysquared for the heads-up.)

19 February 2011

Font wonkiness

My Viking buddy Reidar alerted me to this tweet here: “I’m gonna get a tattoo that says ‘Helvetica’, written in Arial. When a woman corrects me on it, I will marry her.”

My wife’s response to this is that if such a woman were enough of a font wonk to spot the difference (I’m paraphrasing here, obviously) she wouldn’t be able to stand marrying someone who has a dirty great tattoo in Arial. (Me, I hate the capital R. So ugly.) She may be right. Prospective font-paradox tattooees, you have been warned.

15 February 2011

Not “reduced” then?

Spotted in a shop in a motorway service area. Words fail me.

Final post about the Italy trip (OK, I’ll shut up now)

One final thing I have to report about our trip to Udine: there is a local cake called gubana, which is kind of like a combination of brioche, lardy cake, mince pies and an off-licence. Ingredients of the filling include hazelnuts, sultanas, almonds, lemon peel, pine nuts, grappa, brandy, rum and marsala.

Recommendation is mandatory.

Mm, spicy

Walking through Shaftesbury this afternoon with my friend Matt, while discussing the joys of KFC we found ourselves outside a rather smart Indian restaurant that neither of us has yet visited.

Perusing the very smartly typeset menu in the window, I heard Matt say, “Look, they do Tandoori McSquirrel.” Somewhat surprised, I followed his pointed finger to the legend “Tandoori Mixed Grill”, which is of course exactly what he’d said. In rapid speech, the one could be misinterpreted as the other, but it says something for my fevered imagination that I could mishear something so normal as something so hysterically improbable.

I giggled like a schoolgirl for a good 5 minutes. Matt says he’s going to order Tandoori McSquirrel at the first opportunity.

13 February 2011

ObCrisps: Italy

Also while in Italy, I inserted crisps and continued. Very not bad – some European crisps are pretty awful, but these were rather good.

Cool fonts in Italy

Saw these signs in Udine, north-east Italy. Utterly cool, great “sense of place”... where else would you see a street sign using a font like this? And then I realised I was also photographing a military surveillance sign. Fortunately the guards didn't see me...

04 February 2011


This just made me laugh like a drain. This is because I am strange.