02 March 2011

Paprikan oddity

Just been munching on these Tyrrell's Smoked Paprika crisps. (No idea why there's a cross-country skiing chef on the bag.) They're slightly odd, and nothing like the Paprika crisps you might have had in continental Europe (a popular flavour in Norway, I know from personal experience). It's a puzzling flavour. I think I need to eat more to decide whether I like them. I may be a while...

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Additional: I've just volunteered to be an official crisp taster for Tyrrell's. The job is unpaid, so you can be reassured that your favourite crisp-related blog will remain editorially unbiased. There'll be no product placement here.

I've decided I'm not in favour of their Smoked Paprika variety. Not very hot at all, and with a curious cakey flavour note. Their Garden Herbs variant, OTOH, is utterly addictive and delicious, albeit slightly onion/garlic-halitosis-inducing.