21 April 2011

Encouraging geekdom in small people

A couple of days ago, while idly channel-surfing over breakfast, I stumbled across a kids' TV programme on BBC2 featuring a real adult male and a scruffily animated boy. [It turns out to be called Little Howard's Big Question.] They were having a conversation about unhealthy food in a greasy spoon–type establishment that was called, I think, "Bert's Caff" – except the signage and the menu spelt it with an acute accent over the second F. This gave me a disproportionate amount of pleasure.

The following day, I accidentally stumbled upon the same programme, only this time I came in in the middle of a discussion to disambiguate M.C. Escher ("with a C") and Esher railway station ("without a C"). This also cheered me considerably. These are important cultural references. Far too many kids grow up these days without even a basic awareness of Esher.