21 May 2011

Tyrrells see the light

Herefordshire potato crisp makers Tyrrells state the following on their new website:

“In public, we’ve always called our product ‘chips’, to distinguish them from those nasty things that are fried by robots in a factory. In private though, we’ve never been all that comfortable with the word. So the time has come to stand up as proud English folk and embrace… the proper English crisp.

Excellent. Now bring back your Garden Herbs flavour and really make me happy.

19 May 2011

Spell heck required

I'm sorry, I know I shouldn't blog this stuff, but I am a proofreader
after all, among other things. And really... what happened here? It
says it on the other side of the sign, too.

15 May 2011

Thanks for the warming

This has appeared on my regular morning-constitutional route. I'm not
poking fun, dear reader; I'm just utterly baffled.

09 May 2011


No mucking about today. Just facts. Probably the best pistachio ice
cream in Britain is made by Daisy's Ice Cream in Cornwall, and this
(usually at Duckpool beach near Bude) is the only ice cream van you
can buy it from. Nice waffle cones too. Recommendation is mandatory.