02 July 2011

Wanted: Applicants with fluency in invented languages

It's been brought to my attention that the recruitment/job search website Monster (monster.co.uk) is curiously aware of invented (some say constructed) languages. In the section where you can create your own CV, you are invited to select the languages you speak and your degree of fluency; the languages are in a drop-down list, and the list includes some surprises, such as the artificial auxiliary languages Esperanto and Eurolang and artlangs (artistic constructed languages) like Degaspregos and Kankonian, among others (see image).

On further Google-assisted investigation, there are clearly lots of sites that use the same list, including cvwow.com, globalplacement.com, www.uni-internship.org and www.handijobs.fr – there's a whole new world of opportunities out there for the imaginative language learner.