25 October 2011

Hotlinks not working in Flash locally? Try uploading

Basically, the title of this post says it all, but here's some brief detail:

An old customer of mine recently asked me to help out with an online newsletter project. The ready-for-print newsletter had been designed in InDesign, which also gives the option of exporting to Flash (as an SWF file with an HTML wrapper). Everything appeared to work fine, except for the fact that hotlinks to websites weren't working when we tried it out. Even more puzzling when we noticed that e-mail hotlinks were fully functional.

After searching the forums (and finding numerous red herrings among possible solutions and helpful posts), it turns out it's to do with a security setting in Flash that prevents links being followed in locally stored files. As soon as I uploaded the files to my own web space, the links worked perfectly. Hope this saves someone a bit of time . . .

17 October 2011

Download nostalgia

Having a bit of a clearout yesterday, I was sifting through a pile of pages long ago torn from once-current computing magazines to see if there was anything worth keeping among the tips for forgotten software packages. Then I saw this, from December 1999.

By the time you read this, Netscape Communicator 4.61 for OS/2 Warp should be available for download. ... We hope to be able to place it on the cover CD in due course, but you might want to go ahead and download it anyway if you can face the 7 MB-odd download.

Oh, the onerousness that was multiple-megabyte downloads.

Oh, OS/2 Warp. I still have an installation disc somewhere...