21 January 2012

Marmite-related issues

Dear reader, there is plenty crisponaut activity to report: pepperoni-flavoured crisps, for instance, which I'll post shortly. But first, Marmite. (There will be crisp content too, trust me.)

Much to my wife's disgust, I am a confirmed Marmiteoholic – to such an extent, in fact, that I have moved on from the standard product to the hard stuff: the black-and-gold-labelled Marmite XO (Extra Old). On toast, it rocks utterly. I'm on my second or third jar now.

An aside: you may have heard me bleating before about this, so forgive me:

A few years ago, a couple of Norwegian friends were visiting me, and one – an adventurous chap with curiously anglophile tastes – decided to try Marmite on toast. To no particular surprise, he didn't like it much, but the following day I was amused to find him trying again "to see if it was any better the second time". It wasn't, apparently. To my enquiry, he replied, "It tastes bad."

"How so?" I probed.

"Well... it's just a general kind of badness."

I still think that would be a top advertising slogan for Marmite. I can see the posters now. Unilever, if you're reading this...

Anyway, back to my core topic: crisps.

Readers with a long memory may recall that Golden Wonder – for that matter, you need a long memory to remember the once-ubiquitous Golden Wonder crisps – ... start again... Back in the late 80s, Golden Wonder produced Marmite-flavoured crisps, and they were forceful to say the least. It was a stunning flavour, but one pack at a time was definitely enough. (But you wanted another pack the next day.)

Then a few years ago Walkers did a Marmite flavour, briefly, which I seem to recall were pretty good. So when I saw these actual Marmite-branded items, I grabbed a pack. Sadly, they were rather a disappointment. The flavour is suitably pungent, but not accurately so. It's too acid for Marmite, and not Marmitey enough. YMMV, but as for me I shan't bother again. There are other, more enjoyable snacks. Of which more soon...

14 January 2012

Hey pesto

Crisp purveyors of choice Burts recently produced an unusual and
interesting flavour: pesto. Made available as only a short-run
"seasonal" flavour, so by the time you see this probably sold out,
they are tasty but not spectacularly pestoey, more herby. Sorry about
the abysmally weak pun in the headline.