06 April 2012

Ice cream and mushy peas (not a recommended combination)

I had occasion to visit that London this week, so I called in at the Leicester Square Haägen-Dasz emporium, as you do, on the off-chance that they might have come up with something new and exciting. Well, they had something new and exceptionally pleasant: a new Crème Brûlée variant (complete with crunchy caramelised bits) plus a limited-edition Coconut Truffle flavour. I stood at the window while I savoured said creamy concoctions, and looked out at the drizzle and the square being comprehensibly dug up for some reason or other. Probably something to do with the Olympics: everything in London is currently "re-opening in May 2012".

Then yesterday I got chatting with a friend who's a synaesthete. For him, voices have tastes: when his old Maths teacher was speaking, he could taste orange chocolate; now, the voice of Prime Minister David Cameron fills his mouth with the flavour of marrowfat mushy peas, and he has to turn the TV off in disgust. The human mind is a remarkable thing.