09 June 2012

Maxi and Allegro: a symphony in brown

For the past few months, these two have often been in evidence near where we live:

Two Austins from the 1970s (OK, the Maxi is a late one, a 1981 2L model, but the Allegro 1500 Super has a 1977/8 S plate), both in authentic, period "chocolate" brown. And they seem to be such good friends, which is quite touching. Honestly, I don't think I've seen a Maxi or an Allegro for years, and now this.

I realise this is a peculiarly British thing, and my readers in Norway and the US will probably not recognise these extraordinary vehicles. Indeed, even now loyal readers in Eastern Europe (and I know you exist – web stats cannot lie (much)) may be howling, "Can such majesty be borne, when we had to put up with Wartburgs and ZiLs?"

Be still and fear not, gentle reader. These cars are legendary, but not necessarily for the right reasons.


I took this photo last week, and I've been meaning to blog it ever since. And then last night some halfwit smashed the window of the Maxi. Sigh.