30 October 2012

Black is the colour of my true love’s crisps*

It's about time I reviewed this new remarkable offering from Burts: Guinness crisps.

They do have a rather curious, grey-brown colour. (I suppose black would have been a step too far.) Yeast extract, as you might expect, is a prominent flavour note, so these are ideal for Marmite fans, but there is a very definite otherness about these crisps. They taste dark and stouty. Sort of. Very tasty, with a touch of bitterness. I've had a couple of packs, and if I see them again I will definitely be tempted to purchase. Consider that a recommendation, but your taste buds may vary.

Remember, kids: eat crisps responsibly.

[ * The title is a homage to my current earworm, the Jaffa remix of Nina Simone's Black Is the Color of My True Love's Hair, which features some rather superb Fender Rhodes handiwork. I first came across this track a couple of weeks ago on Nigella Lawson's current series Nigellissima, and thanks to Shazam was able to track it down. Plus, Nigella herself has recently blogged her love of these Guinness crisps. The circle is complete.]