22 October 2012

Corsican: the struggle continues

As you may have gathered from the mention in the sidebar, I’m currently attempting to read a guide to Corsican, entitled La langue corse en 23 lettres: Précis alphabétique de grammaire, d’usage et de vocabulaire du corse. Yes, it’s written in French, which is an interesting challenge. I keep my French dictionary at my elbow and look up odd terms from time to time, but generally I can get most of the gist. It’s proving fascinating on the whole; there are longeurs – a multi-page list of adverbs ending in -mente springs to mind – but there’s plenty to fascinate the serial linguavore.

A particular feature is consonant mutation, which is far too complex and confusing to discuss here. Sadly, the Wikipedia article on Corsican is pretty silent on the matter, so maybe once I’ve got my head round it I can contribute a couple of paragraphs to the greater good of the hive mind.

Meanwhile, I'm going back to reading about words that begin with ghj-.