03 October 2012

Tyrrell’s “Rather Hot English Chillies” Tortillas

It’s been a while since my last chilli crisps update, so here goes with a sort-of-crisps update.

First impressions of these “TorTyrrells” aren’t great. If anything, they look overdone, with dark green-black streaks (chives?) and scorch marks. Then the flavour is immediately disappointing. Bland, even – 1, if that, on the insertcrisps.com heat scale. (The auxiliary taster describes them as “horrible”.) But wait... what’s that happening on the back of my tongue?

And so the flavour and heat build, subtly reeling you in. On closer inspection, the darkness of the chips is at least partly attributable to the generous coating of spicy, herby flavourings. And they prove surprisingly moreish, the taste growing in appeal as the heat accumulates to a pleasing 3 or so. Maybe even the “Rather Hot” of the billing. Yum, I think.

Need to buy another packet to confirm my findings.