12 November 2012

Cheeseburgers, llamas and so on (as you do)

Such is the notoriety of this blog, people are now giving me crisps and snacks to review. Well, sort of.

A valued friend recently returned from a trip to France with these for me to try:

For the uninitiated, Lay’s is something of a worldwide brand but is affiliated with the UK crisp brand Walkers. If you are a Brit abroad requiring something comfortingly familiar, a bag of Lay’s “Nature” is the closest thing you will find to Walkers Ready Salted. These ridged Max Craquantes jobbies, however, are Cheeseburger flavour, which is rather odd. There are all the usual savoury notes, but smashing right through them all is the jarring sour tang of gherkins, which I found insurmountable. The back of the packet screams, “Des chips terriblement craquantes aux saveurs intenses.” Quite.

Another very Tolerant Friend has donated these ruminants to the cause:

As you can see from the photo, these are actually startlingly small savoury biscuits in the shape of llamas, and they have a subtle sweet chilli flavour… perhaps too subtle. But they are rather pleasant, and they provide a good nibble with drinks. Actually, apart from the shape, they are remarkably reminiscent of Fish ’n’ Chips, those superbly addictive salt-and-vinegar-flavoured, tiny fish-and-chip-shaped biscuits that were sold back in the 80s and 90s.

Tip: If you are on a diet, eat them singly, savouring every particle, and their minusculeness will ensure you put on weight  m-u-c-h  m-o-r-e  s-l-o-w-l-y.