28 August 2013

Memories of Norwegian ferries

Found this note that I made last year on my phone when in Arctic Norway:
“Loo on ferry from Bjarkøy: exploding taps, paper towels soluble immediately on contact with wet skin. Very tight for space: even though I’m still relatively slender and agile it was almost impossible to open or shut the door past myself. Pity the corpulent tourist...”

Happy days.

21 August 2013

An unlikely thrashing for Man United

Portland 7 Man United 1
Top marks to the wag who created this fine piece of satire that I saw yesterday. Beautifully hand-painted letters in the correct roadsign font. Genius.

06 August 2013

Finding Unicode characters

Neat little service I stumbled across at shapecatcher.com that lets you draw a character, and it will try to find a match in the Unicode set.

03 August 2013

Burts bacon crisps – alas no more

The last of our packets of Burts bacon crisps, now formerly the best crisps in the world as Burts have discontinued the line. This is a crying shame, as these were unutterably superb and hold a special place in our hearts due to times and places we've shared a packet or two. I've lost count of the hours I've spent tracking them down over the last decade or so as their availability in local stockists varied. We even visited the factory and bought a boxful at one point. (Maybe I am a bit sad.)

Truth be told, I took these photos six weeks ago. I'm still getting over the loss (hence the hiatus in blog postings). I'll have to console myself with something hot and spicy. I see Burts have some new lines for me to try...

Fractional fail

Bright and shiny new fingerposts on the Dorset coast path near Burton Bradstock where the path has had to be diverted due to landslips... but on this one the distances have been poorly marked: "11/4" and "21/2". It should read, of course, "1¼" and "2½". Another nearby sign has spaces before the fractions, which is better, sort of.