26 May 2014

Crisp review: Salty Dog/Darling Spuds

The lovely people at Salty Dog crisps recently sent us some review packs of their spicy crisps. (They also do non-spicy ones: it was a pack of their delicious Sea Salt variety we picked up at Gatwick Airport, of all places, that alerted us to their existence.)

The Sweet Chilli variant has already been described here (here), but now it's time to report on their siblings Jalapeño and Coriander:

As you can see, these have a nice golden appearance with small red and larger green flecks (maybe the eponymous jalapeño and coriander respectively). A good crunch, too, and the flavour, with a subtle note of coriander alongside the medium heat (2.5 on our scale, building in the throat), means they are extremely moreish. So moreish, in fact, that the auxiliary tester polished off most of them while I was still taking photos.

And then we have the Salty Dog company's other brand, the gluten-free Darling Spuds, which are represented here by Fire-Roasted Jalapeño Peppers flavour:

Concise review: Yum.

Verbose review: These crisps have an attractive orangey-gold colour, with green and red flecks, and they deliver substantial heat, especially in the back of the throat – maybe 3.5 on the insertcrisps heat scale. The flavour is great, with very little of that vegetabley red pepper thing but plenty of spice, like lots of black pepper. I can report they go very well with a spicy Belgian tripel beer. Very well indeed.

Now, before hackles are raised and cries go up of "insertcrisps.com is corrupt" and "This is payola", let us reassure you that everything here is entirely above board. We operate under a strict, no-nonsense and unequivocal principle: Send us great crisps, and we'll say something nice about them.