31 July 2014

Norwegian crisps: Maarud "Potetgull", Paprika flavour

It has been claimed in some quarters that crisps are not healthy for you, especially when consumed in large quantities. Ah, but crisps are so comforting, especially when you are unwell, or far from home, or both.

Exhibit A: these Norwegian crisps, named Potetgull ("Potato Gold"). That distinctive sweet paprika flavour – a bit tomatoey, a bit spicy – is such a European taste, or rather, such a Norwegian taste. Crisps labelled "paprika" available in Britain just don't cut it. These, though, are the real deal. Even though they aren't as crunchy as, say, Kettle or Burts, munching on them during a road trip through Arctic Norway is invigorating (if you're well) or comforting (if you're not). And, if you sneaked a packet home in your luggage, savouring them two or three weeks after the end of the holiday is properly evocative of fjords, mountains and friendship. Potato Gold indeed.