08 August 2014

Epic map fail on junk catalogue

From one of those catalogues of tat that was inserted into our TV magazine this week: an epic map fail.

(Click on picture to zoom in)
Alongside a promise to match a lower price found "ANYWHERE IN EUROPE", the above map was shown, evidently intended to demonstrate what Europe is. Unfortunately somebody has managed to select and drag part of the clipart diagonally, so Norway, Sweden and Finland have become detached from Russia and southern Sweden has now overrun Denmark; Andorra and Liechtenstein have slipped south-west; and, best of all, the whole of the Balkan region has moved: Yugoslavia (how quaint) has crashed into the east coast of Italy and there is now a rather fetching new inland sea south of Austria. Spectacular.

As a special bonus, apparently "EVERTHING INSIDE!" is half price too.